AR Detail

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  • Muzzlebrakes: Vanden Berg Custom muzzlebrakes are available in three different sizes: standard, intermediate, and heavy. They offer superior recoil and muzzle rise control without exhausting gases up (thereby obscuring sight picture) or down (propelling ground debris). See video below.
  • AR barrel from blank: We make AR-10 and AR-15 barrels from match-grade barrel blanks, to customers’ specifications (length, weight, caliber, gas system configuration, etc.). This option yields the greatest accuracy potential available for AR-type rifles.
  • AR grip adaptor: Vanden Berg Custom AR grip adaptor is an easily installed part, designed to increase the distance from the trigger to rear of pistol grip. For shooters with large hands and/or long fingers, this inexpensive modification corrects an ergonomic deficiency in the AR system.
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